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Aika is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG with an emphasis on realm versus realm (RvR) PvP combat, which boasts an impressive 2,000 player battlefield. The game offers six gender-locked classes, a unique 'Pran' pet system, squad systems, dynamic sieges, and many other classic MMO features. Released in 2009, Aika Online continues to offer low system requirements for players concerned about taxing system resources.

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Game Videos

  • Aika: Ashes of Betrayal Sneak Peek

    A glimpse of the new content available in Aika's expansion Ashes of Betrayal.

  • Aika Teaser Trailer

    Prepare for the most extensive PVP wars in Aika, and lead your armies to victory in 1000 vs 1000 warfare!

  • Aika CB2 Castle Siege

    The guildmaster of each of the winning guilds became the Lord Marshal of his or her nation, subsequently wielding enormous political and military control

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