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Aircraft Manager is a game of airport management. Build your own fleet of aircraft from all sorts of designs, to large passenger jets, military aircraft, old propeller craft, and more. Build your own airline and become the most successful airport tycoon in the world!


Social Play: Earn special rewards for visiting the airports of your friends, and inviting your friends to visit your own. There are unique and special benefits to sharing your fleet and creations with others. The more friends you have, the more opportunities there are to claim these rewards for yourself.

Military Fleets: War is coming, of course. You'll want to build a fleet of military aircraft to protect your holdings. If you don't, you'll almost certainly fall behind. A strong military fleet is the key to reaching the very peak of your potential in Aircraft Empire.

City Building: Develop a city around your airport. You will find caf├ęs, restaurants and hotels that will boost the passenger flow and your profits. Building a proper city is important to maximizing your profit potential, and how you design that city will increase its effectiveness. Be sure to choose the right buildings in the right places.

Research and Development: If you want new aircraft for your fleet, you'll have to invest in research to develop prototypes and working craft. Make sure you're on the cutting edge of aviation technology. Make your way from simple propeller craft to jet engines, and even space-faring ships.

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