Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

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    Spicy Horse Games

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    PC, Linux, Mac, Ouya, Browser

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is an A-RPG with themes and influences from Japanese mythology, set during a time when Japanese and Western culture clashed. It has a very unique art style to go with the exciting gameplay. The game looks to be a completely original experience, the likes of which we have yet to see.


Multiplayer and Ghosting: Plans are in development to bring this title into the realm of multiplayer. In addition you can party with an AI controlled ghost of your friends to back you up as a follower during your adventures.

Three Flexible Classes: Select the path of the Fortitude, Prowess, or Cunning and then deviate on your own path or master your current order in a flexible system that lets you build the character you see fit. With 3 visible armor types you can alter it's easy to build a unique looking character with a notably unique fighting style. Have we mentioned it's unique?

Unique Setting: Experience a fantastic world set when the East and West truly unified in Japan. With folklore and demons running amock, you'll feel as if you're been drawn into a watercolor painting from the 19th century.

Mission Threat System: Difficulty and rewards are balanced around a dynamic system that warns you of how much threat a region is for Yukai attack. With 8 branches of Yukai families and over 100 enemy types and specially designed boss monsters, it'll be a long while before you learn all the tricks the demons have up their sleeves (if they even have them!).

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