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Albion Online is a medieval fantasy MMORPG in a sandbox-style world. The game is also designed as a true cross-platform experience, capable of running across several operating systems and devices in the same persistent world. It is currently available on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, and Steam.

Business Model: Retail 29.95 with optional premium service subscription.

Microtransactions: Yes - Players may purchase premium subscription, which increases the rate in which xp, gold, and other things are earned. Players may also directly purchase in game gold from the cash shop.

Key Features:

Player Driven Economy: All items and buildings are player crafted - create your own dream town, even your own dream village, and rent out land or production units to other players! The player economy also becomes reliant on a realistic weight system and the use of transportation.

Open World Full Loot PvP: In a truly consequential competitive environment, you stand to lose it all when you die - if you die.

Territory Control System: Conquer and hold territories to access resources as well as protect yourself from the dangers of the wild.

Simple But Strategic: A Rock Paper Scissors combat system offers simple but intense action, and every battle is influenced by the territory it takes place in.

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  • Carl

    What is founder if the game is supposedly free? Is the game going to be free in App Store and option for founder to buy to get early advantages or does everyone buy the game?

    • Mortho

      its a alpha!<— means you wanna play = you pay /// beta is free if you became key or you pay for key /// finish <- game = free

    • Eli

      the game is free. the founders are the beta testers. they buy it and play the game before everybody else, so they can tell the creators what to fix in the game.

  • yardm

    beyler bişe dicem bu oyun ücretlimii

  • Anders Spælling

    Greatest disappointment in a game in 20 years of gaming. I strongly suggest NOT to buy the founders pack as they are not refundable once redeemed.

    One-dimensional combat. Crafting is a tedious grind. Graphics are obviously shitty, but that is acceptable if the gameplay was good. It’s not.

    • Mortho

      explain me please One-dimensional fight… its from bird’s-eye view…should the character flying around for a multidimensional fight? like aion? even 3rd person games like wow are One-dimensional fight… on the ground and its a alpha = maaaaybe the finished game is little different+ difficult crafting its good dont want everything for free in my ass should be a lot of work for good stuff!
      ps: money is for Alpha + beta finished game is for free…was never see perfect alpha….tz

  • Zeviah Spane

    Actually i was excited to play this game until when they said i need to pay for Founders Pack. I will wait for this game to be free to play.

  • crono

    free to play indeed..and lead you to damn package…i really want to play this game but ive been waiting for weeks still that damn package

    • Anono

      the game wont come out till 2016. GG

  • killpack41

    it says free to play but its not it wont let me on

  • molleth

    New database/fan site for Albion Online — Includes detailed item data.

  • soloman

    im really interested in albion but it wont let me sign up can anyone help me

  • christopher rubio

    Is this game free to play? If not, is there supposed to be a time where it is released free?

  • BH nullvalue

    in descrip says free to not free to play. pay 2 play for a beta

  • Nathan

    AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! In it’s current state (as of 2/10/2016) this game is absolutely terrible, particularly for new players. Whilst not extremely difficult to start playing, it has zero tutorial aspect to get the new player acquainted with any aspect of the game. There is no lore based text or introduction to set the scene; no assistance or purpose to what you are doing as soon as you start on a beach in your underwear.

    You click on uninspired nodes, click on some more, rinse and repeat. Congratulations, you just clicked enough to get a ding! You upgraded a skill to let you click on something else! Whilst the “player driven economy” may seem interesting, it is halting to progress as you continually need to collect, refine and find purpose with your items, and can’t sell them to vendors (as far as I can find out). You have an auction house, but as the low level ingredients can be found readily, and then crafted; and money generation isn’t plentiful elsewhere then you cant purchase anything anyway… and can it be used with out click click leveling those damn dings? It has different than standard MMO ideas, but doesn’t translate to better ideas… just restrictive and boring ones. No seemingly original ideas found in this game improve on the established MMO conventions.

    Another aspect that may seem to have a grounding in reality is the carry capacity restrictions. You can only carry so much, but this fills extremely quickly and slows movement. This is super irritating, because all you are basically doing is clicking to carry stuff. No discernible inventory management system or sorting, uninspired item design and names. The crafting system is straight forward, click to get ingredients, refine and craft. Zero original idea. Craft points (or something to that affect) can be used to improve craft quality, but again – zero discussion or guidance on that aspect too. Every aspect of the game is far too slow paced and frustrating, including the death animations of half the animals that you wait that second too long to die, then you guessed it… click once, twice and sometimes a third time to collect ingredients… from. the. one. carcass.

    The whole game feels like the developers thought, “this is a good game mechanic/idea” lets use it, but didn’t consider player enjoyment. For me, that should be primary – the enjoyment and satisfaction of the player and customer. The pay to play business model is very questionable in the games current form, and if you’re on the edge like me and decide to pay to experience it…. then unless you like monotony (such as the competitive sport of watching paint dry), then you may also be sorely disappointed like me. And instantly out of pocket after a few bland hours. I’m sure the PVP will be… uninspired also. I couldn’t for the life of me go through the torture of clicking enough here and there to get to some meaningful combat.

    The fixed camera is irritating, the art style pretty enough but lacking details, and the overwhelming click click click aspect is simply mind numbing,

    If you’re on the fence, thinking the game “looks good or interesting”, and are already an experienced MMO player, please take my advice and look elsewhere – sheesh, just reactivate your WoW sub! ;). In my opinion, this game is extremely boring and not worth ANY investment – time, money or otherwise.