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Allods is an award-winning classic fantasy MMORPG with extensive quests, intense PvP action, in-depth character development as well as great social features to boot. The game was originally developed in Russia and is now available globally.


PvP Emphasis: Experience an intricate storyline focused around 2 warring factions

Customization: Pick from one of 6 races and 8 archetypes to build your perfect character. Detailed talent grids with hundreds of skills exist.

The Astrals: Build an impressive Astral ship and wage war with others in intense Astral Ship battles.

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Game Videos

  • Allods Online – 8.0.1 “Creation” Trailer

    A huge update hits Allods Online, in the form of Creation! The Minotaur's Labrynth is just the tip of the iceberg! The details are on their website.

  • Allods Online – Wheel of Fortune Trailer

    Allods Online offers a new mini-game with so many chances to win!

  • Allods Online: The Bronze Scarab

    I may have missed the Scarab Lord title in WoW, but I won't miss this one! A rank six mount, the Bronze Scarab is in Allods Online!

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