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Alteil Horizons is the attempt of Apocoplay to revive a classic card game developed in 2003. In Alteil players summon powerful monsters to act as tactical game pieces to do battle with their opponent. The game is founded on offering even and hard fought battles from beginning to end with features in play to reduce the steamrolling that occurs from early domination in most card games. It also takes much of the luck of the draw out of the equation by granting players access to their full deck.


Legendary Artist Roster: Top names such as Katsuya Terada, Yuji Kaida, Shunya Yamashita, and Hitoshi Yoneda headline the roster of a masterful developer and artist team including talent from Wizardry Online, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy X, Guilty Gear, and Code Geass. Over 1,000 animated cards will be available at launch.

Turn-Based Tactical Combat: Alteil Horizon intends to bring their game to life by turning boring cards into tactical combatants including formation tactics, a day/night power cycle, and movement in addition to unique abilities and strengths.

Recycled Resource System: Alteil Horizon attempts to block steamrolling through a system of restoring resource points upon the death of a card. If you have a backup plan, this will give you the power you need to take the fight back to your enemy as soon as you’re struck down.

Soul Cards: Players can balance their health and soul power, choosing to focus on a more offensive tactic with powerful spells at the expense of their HP, or go for high HP and outlast their foes with more defensive styled combat.

Android Compatible: A mobile android compatible fully featured version will be completed soon after launch. The game can also be played in most browsers.

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