Alterium Shift

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  • Developer:
    Drattzy Games

  • Genres:
    2.5D/2D Fantasy, Fantasy

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Alterium Shift is a retro-styled roleplaying game (RPG) that offers choice-driven stories along three character paths.

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Three Unique Heroes: Play as Pyra, Atlas, or Sage in your quest.

An RPG with a Twist: With modern enhancements on the RPG genre, you might find yourself using new perspectives.

A Dynamic World: The game world around you responds to which character you are playing, and what choices you have made. All three heroes have their fates intertwined: can you see all the paths before you?

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  • Alterium Shift Early Access Launch Trailer

    Alterium Shift, an RPG that traces its roots to classic games from the SNES era is out now in Early Access! Control various characters on a colorful adven

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