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- Anmynor is a different title. It mixes several genres in a unique way that brings together the best things of each of  them in order to give rise to an exciting game that will captivate the lovers of role, action, tactics, collecting and MMO.

-The player plays in third person, but the game is not focused on one  character. During the whole game the player manages a unit of 5 golems and has always to go to the battle with 5characters.

- The player will enjoy exciting combats full of action in real time in which it will have to display its better tactical skills in order to defeat. The preparation  for the combat is essential for the victory.

- Each golem is composed by 4 elements ( arms, legs, torso and head) and each element

-  The aim of the game is to gain battles, obtain runes and thanks to this to improve and to customize your golems to the maximum, like that you will be a better warrior. You can collect your golems and used them however you want in combinations of 5. This make each combat different.

- Anmynor is an MMO; it has to be played online and the combats are always fight against the golems that belong to other players.


A long, long time ago, in a time so far that nobody is able to set in the History, magic emerged from the nature and its original existence was fully savage. This natural state was maintained until man interfered in the natural order of the things manipulating magic and experimenting with its powers. The alchemist masters, wise and hermit beings who hoard ancient secrets, were the unique holders of the power and the knowledge needed to treat and mould magic. They were the creators, through complex spells, of the runes, powerful and enigmatic stones that condense magic and powers, hiding who knows how many enigmas to be discovered.

Magic, the runes, the spells... that at the beginning were source of prosperity and wealth for mankind, soon became cause of quarrels amongst the clans, villages and civilizations that would change the destiny of the world. The outbreak of a global war devastated the earth and decimated mankind brutally, but it didn´t satisfy the yearning for revenge of the conflicting villages, that found in magic, once again, the way in order to continue the fights.

Once again, man used magic for his own benefit and created the golems, magic beings built with runes, with incalculable and splendid powers that were controlled by the mind of their masters. From this moment they fought for the man, and in order to mitigate the extermination of the human race and its cities, they combat not in the physical world, but in magic parallel worlds created for the war, the arenas.

Nowadays, the confrontations continue; the territorial and dominations aims are far in the memory. There is no rest even of the feeling of revenge. The golems fight to life or death under the orders of their masters in order to satisfy their greed. This thirst for power is dimmed only by winning battles in which gaining runes to improve their golems and in that way to be able to claim victory in battles more and more arduous and destructive. The victories allow the masters to climb in the rank of warriors proving who is the best expert in the magic arts. To be the best master, the most powerful of the warriors and the most respectful magician is the motivation of fighting for the men of Anmynor world. Do you want to become one of them?

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