ANNO 1800

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    3D Historical, Sim, Strategy

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Ubisoft welcomes you to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution with ANNO 1800. Choose your culture's path of advancement in this time of turmoil and change.


Familiar ANNO Gameplay: Unlock new technology, play the diplomatic game, or go full metal jacket.

Story or Sandbox: Enjoy a rich narrative campaign or build to your heart's content.

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Game Videos

  • Anno 1800: Sunken Treasures DLC Trailer

    Anno 1800 has a new storyline featuring a wealth of additional quests, with the Sunken Treasures DLC. Players will build a new capital and form a partnersh

  • Anno 1800: Closed Beta Trailer

    Anno 1800 takes players into the Industrial Revolution, and a Closed Beta will take place from January 31st until February 4th. Players interested can regi

  • Anno 1800: Gamescom 2018 Trailer

    Anno 1800 offers players the chance to sail into South America in the Industrial Age. Check out the new gamescom trailer!

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