Maestros of the Anthymn

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    String Theory Games

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Maestros of the Anthymn is a fantasy adventure MMO which sets the stage for players to create, share and wield the power of music. It is a dynamic online world where players can wield tone, chord, melody and song into powerful musical abilities.


Uniquely Musical:Anthymn allows players to create, publish and share music by providing them an acoustic online world. After choosing from a genre inspired identity and instrument based character class, players will able to take music lessons and learn how to wield rhythm, tone and chord into powerful warsongs.

Education System: Anthymn’s education system is designed to provide music lessons that when completed grant players essential skills and in game abilities. Each lesson takes place in the conservatory where revered instructors offer guidance and support based on character class and instrument chosen.

Group Composition: Should a group of players want to showcase their talents outside of battle, they can band together and take the stage at a local tavern. Enough successful performances will gain the reputation needed to go on tour bringing the band further recognition both in game and out via live stream to the world.

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