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APB: Reloaded brings back All Points Bulletin in a new, free-to-play format through GamersFirst. Choose to play as a vigilante or as a criminal in San Paro, a crime-riddled city where vandalism, robbery, and shoot-outs are every day. Prove yourself to your organization to earn fame, weapons, vehicles, and clothes. APB: Reloaded offers open-world PvP combat, dozens of unique vehicles, hundreds of stylish wardrobe options, a custom in-game music studio, and an ever-expanding weapons arsenal.


Strong character creation: APB Reloaded features one of the most powerful character creation tools ever, allowing players to create or re-create any human person, real or fictional.

Tons of customization: Create unique decals, tattoos, symbols and more in order to stand out from the crowd.

Improved visuals: Using an upgraded Unreal 3 Engine, APB:Reloaded gives off more spectacular visuals than its predecessor.

Open warfare: Jump into live servers with up to 100 players and engage in criminal activities or put a stop to them, resulting in mass warfare across the entire city.

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Game Videos

  • APB: Reloaded ColbyCheeze Impressions

    APB: Reloaded is back and better than ever. ColbyCheeze hits the streets to see what's new and improved.

  • APB: Design Your Own Look!

    An explanation of the expression suite, the collection of in-game tools to completely manage your look, from character to car!

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