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    2D Fantasy

Apotheon is a 2D platform action RPG set in the world of Ancient Greece. Hera has overthrown Zeus and seeks to destroy all of humanity, and you must rise up as champion to end the wrath of the great goddess! Battle your way through beautiful scenery and intense challenges, strip the old gods of their powers, and become god-like in your quest.


Ancient World Alive: Apotheon's graphics make the pottery and artwork of ancient Greece come alive in a unique, beautiful atomosphere.

Deep Mythological Story: Based in Greek mythology, the game's single player campaign will span a massive open world of Mount Olympus.

Multiplayer Madness: In addition to the campaign, Apotheon will also include online multiplayer with deathmatch and team-based game modes.

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  • Apotheon December Trailer

    Alien Trap brings a unique sidescroller built after Greek and Roman pottery art complete with a full story mode, and team as well as deathmatch PvP.

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