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ARC Continuum is a buy-to-play sci-fi action adventure game developed by Akimbo Creations for PC and is expected to be available on Steam upon its release sometime in March, 2017. It is set on a far off desert planet called Taraan, where there is a mystical energy present that powers the ARC. The ARC is a device that allows for the control and manipulation of space and time, which is where you come in. You must take on the role of Hadrian and use his ARC powers to stop the evil Kasaar and free your people from oppression!


ARC Powers: Use Hadrian's ARC powers to control and manipulate space and time, doing everything from creating mirror images of him to discharging bursts of energy.

Puzzles and Battles: Both in battles and when solving puzzles Hadrian's ARC powers will need to be used strategically to be successful.

Peer-to-Peer Multiplayer: ARC Continuum eliminates the need for expensive server farms, helps prevent cheating, and corrects network issues in real-time by utilizing Akimbo Creations' new patent-pending networking middleware technology!

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  • ARC Continuum Announcement Trailer

    The first announcement trailer for ARC Continuuum, a buy-to-play sci-fi action adventure game developed by Akimbo Creations.

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