Arcane Chronicles

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  • Developer:
    PlayWorks Corp.

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

Arcane Chronicles is a browser-based MMORPG created by PlayWorks Corp. Battle with friends and enemies in a richly detailed world of medieval fantasy to explore and interact with, with over 300 different enemy types, three skill trees for each of the three playable characters and the ability to switch between them mid-game at any time – all within a vast world with 30 beautifully painted field maps and 10 dangerous dungeons.


Improved Basic RPG Elements: Enter the realm of Dark Fantasy and quest through dungeons to find ancient treasures. Enjoy the convenience of the auto-move and auto-hunt features. Upgrade and customize your items without limits and according to your preferences.

Create Communities, Guilds, and Kingdoms: Make either friends or foes by interacting with other players. Create or join guilds and accumulate wealth to expand and advance your guild. Seize fame and fortune by occupying a castle through Guild Castle Siege.

Choose Your Path: Immerse yourself into the world of Arcane Chronicles with a unique class and gender. You can choose to be a Mage, Warrior, or Shaman, and start your journey. Become a master of different skills and battle to be either honored or awed by others.

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