Arcane Legends

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  • Developer:
    Spacetime Studios

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  • Platforms:
    iOS, Browser

Arcane Legends builds off of Spacetime Studios past creations, taking pieces their audience found enjoyable from titles such as Pocket Legends and Dark Legends to create an interactive, intelligent, and fun fantasy beat-em-up playable on your portable devices with friends with all the typical RPG elements you've come to expect from an MMORPG.

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Game Videos

  • Arcane Legends Curse of the Cryostar Expansion Trailer

    Arcane Legends reveals Curse of the Cryostar, the latest expansion, which raises the level cap to 56, introduces Skill Mastery, and more.

  • Arcane Legends Mobile 2015 Trailer

    Arcane Legends is pushing into its 6th expansion, Rage of the Ren'gol. Unheard of in mobile MMO gaming!

  • Arcane Legends Teaser Trailer

    Arcane Legends is finally nearing launch and a humorous little teaser trailer heralds the good news.

Game Articles

  • Dragon Enclave is Now Live in Arcane Legends

    The time has come for the heroes of Arlor to take to the jungles of Tindirin and face the perils of the Dragon Enclave! Arcane Legends has released its...

  • Arcane Legends Dives into Deep Sea Pirate Adventure

    Arcane Legends Dives into Deep Sea Pirate Adventure         Ahoy me mateys! It is time to hop on deck of the Kraken Isles expa...

  • Arcane Legends Implements 4v4 PvP

    Arcane Legends Implements 4v4 PvP     Fans of the ever popular Arcane Legends can rejoice that Spacetime Studios has launched an update en...

  • victor

    god game

  • anonymous

    nice game but not the best

  • OidelSlayer

    ii tare si faina grafica dar este cam naspa ca costa cam mult in shop si trb sa ai cam 200 k ca sa te faci numa de PVP

  • chimata

    its not responding from yesterdays update plx fix it

  • Desmond Miles

    There is no PC version but on my PC i have it.