Ark: Primal Survival

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Ark: Primal Survival is a total conversion mod for Ark: Survival Evolved. Players will be able to play, live, and breed as any of the ARK’s creatures while experiencing full survival mechanics and lifecycles, including mating, growing, recruiting more creatures to your ‘pack,’ even constructing primitive dens.


Different animals, Different lifestyles: Live the life of a raptor and coordinate attacks with other raptors on other animals, spend your nights in the caves as a spider and spin webs to catch victims, or join a wolf pack to take down prey

Bigger mod support: Players can build new mods centered around Primal Survival, creating new asymmetric gameplay modes

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  • ARK: Primal Survival Official Trailer

    The next content involving ARK is "Primal Survival" where players actually play as some of the creatures in the ARK world!

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