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Welcome to the online role-playing game Asheron's Call, where thousands of players inhabit a beautiful 3D fantasy world to make friends and seek out perilous adventure. Customize your alter ego with a unique appearance and balance of heroic skills, then enter a magical frontier of terrible monsters, breathtaking vistas, and fast alliances. With over 500 square miles that offer ever more wonders to explore, Asheron's Call gives you a world of unparalleled scope and freedom, the richest setting yet for creating your personal saga or joining your friends in an epic campaign.

Be sure to visit our Monthly Events pages to get a glimpse of the ongoing storyline and ever-evolving world of Dereth.

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    Onrpg interviews the producer on the Asheron's Call franchise. This great new game is the first MMO by Turbine, more or less the start of the genre!

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