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Astellia Online is an MMORPG fashioned with modern vision with a classical feel. It is set to release in 2019 from Studio 8.

Business Model: Unknown

Microtransactions: Unknown but likely

Key Features:

Classes: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Scholar and Archer. Each Astellian may be customized with specific Astels, allowing great variety between classes.

Astels: Customize your character with a variety of Astels. Over 30 to choose from, with 3 types of Astels: Servants (your main use abilities), Guardians (big power, with big cost), and Saviours (your big cooldown ability with massive effects).

Scaling Dungeons: Set the difficulty for your dungeon, then collect a reward based both on the difficulty you selected and how well you performed. Go solo, or bring a group of allies!

RvRvR: Choose your faction and take place in epic battles in the PvP/RvRvR zone of Avalon. Raise your army and commit to your strategy to see if you can bring victory to your faction.

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  • Astellia Game Trailer

    Trailer for the upcoming MMORPG by Studio 8, Astellia Online.

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  • LaValley Thomas

    Just starting out but I basically like it so far, I do find it a bit confusing at times; my experience in GW, Tera, and other games has not been as useful as I might like; there is a good bit thats just unique about this game. Will take a while to get used to it.

    The art is excellent and you get used to Rota, your Astel guide pretty Quickly. It does to my mind largely recapture the feel of an older MMO, altough there is alot of Autopathing at the start.