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    2D Sci-Fi, Free To Play, Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Astro Conquest is a F2P sci-fi real-time strategy game where you will build up, maintain, and take over bases across the galaxy using tactics backed by a powerful economy and an unstoppable military force. Conquer stations, output resources, assemble ships, and fight enemies across the universe on your quest for absolute power. Available in browser.


Fleet Commander: Outmanuver and outgun foes by taking into account your ships' advantages and disadvantages against various other spacecraft.

GDP Powerhouse: Carefully manage your material production by utilizing refinery upgrades and rotating what's being produced at any given time.

Architect for the Future: Construct buildings to help defend your headquarters, diminish enemy vision, and disable abilities like stealth.

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    Raise up and lead a galactic empire that transcends time and space.

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