Asura Online

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    Tencent Games

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Based on the classic Chinese novel, "Journey to the West," Asura Online mixes a traditional MMORPG with action elements to create a unique experience. With six classes to choose from, and each with their own unique fighting style, the game promises intense action. The storyline of the game is told through voice acted cut-scenes, fully immersing you in the lore and splendor of the world.


Six Unique Classes: Each class plays differently from one another, giving you a truly varied experience. Master your class to truly shine against other players!

Interactive Environments: Experience the world of Asura Online in new ways, exploring the lands of myth and legend. Discover various areas only accessible by using your surroundings.

Balanced PvP Combat: No one has an advantage over another. With proper teamwork and careful play, you can battle against anyone, knowing you can overcome.

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  • Nature I

    Cool game

    • Jovan Anokic

      any1 help me translate few things xD I made account and even managed to make id and stuff, now I just have a problem that game launches but nothing happens

  • latmani
    here is the video trailer enjoy

  • ipektus

    i like the game but its not can i understand..??

    • Kathy

      Just watch tutorials of how to do quest or just kill monsters and level owo

  • unknown

    🙁 sounds like it could be fun… if could understand anough to be able to actually play it… -sigh-

  • yasir

    jılj sgafreb ehoıtnmdp. dungds aysnru

  • nike naruto

    sh eydgeuer yenjrurr dugebbdsuswyubrn uejdmngr rhkdrbrhe0p 8egns

    • AAA

      uiasyhdiua ?asihd :))) :> :-??..asjdhakwhd :O ajshdjas :)))) ajkshd:> got it?

  • AAA

    PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME CHINESE OR DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT I’M DESPERATE…i installed the game like 6 times…or more…and i changed region and went to 100% install then asks me about a new account something like a chinese id card ( managed to get that with google translate then i got and id ) did all names address id anything…and when i click the button that is in chinese but i believe is like create new account or start or something…it happenes nothing…please do something!!!

  • weivvy

    well anyone needs help? i could translate them into eng lol

  • swag

    wut the fun this dont have any videos

  • stefan butnari

    can anyone help me.can’t instal the patch after downloading stops at 90% and then gives me an error (vfs…blah blah blah-in chinese)

  • xSilva

    how can make registration guys pls help me

  • diva

    im trying to open this game but i keep getting an error and i dont know exactly what the error is anyone had this issue?

  • xSilva

    how to make registration guys really cantfind

  • Lanz

    can somebody translate this please and if possible .. fix it also ^_^

    I was patching the game but that keeps popping-up when it reaches 93.30% of the patch. Thanks in advance

  • sd

    to let the game patch, and avoid VTS problem, just change your computer region to china and restart the computer, and it should be fine after that

  • Spoon

    i installed it , but it wont let me type anything other than numbers in the username space on the login screen. help?

  • Crimson Rx-212

    so what the Language it is ?

  • Indri Mirsaputra

    Too bad it isn’t in english.. it would have covered much more audiences

  • sarah pardi00

    name fardiansyah di kalimantan selatan banjarmasin

  • Gab Gab

    mo merda meu ta en chines o jogo mo foda e ta em chines …não que em chines seja ruim mas não da pra entender nada =(