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Atlantica Online is a new turn-based, strategy MMO where players begin a journey to find the relics of Atlantis and destroy them. As they explore more, they discover their own connection to the fallen city. Atlantica Online offers players turn-based combat, a mercenary system and city/country management systems. In battle, players can control up to nine characters, and form teams of three, bringing the total controllable characters to 27.

The mercenary system introduces a element of RPGs, where players must manage multiple character’s development, skills and classes. Mercenaries can be obtained as infants, raised, married off to other mercenaries and even have their own children. The city/country management system takes strategy to the next level, by allowing players to control cities and wage war with one another once they become part of a guild. Once controlling a city, a player must plan their city’s culture, commerce and industry, even down to the correct placement of the buildings for maximum output.

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