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ATLAS is a Pirate-themed MMORPG taking place on a large-scale open-world ripe with opportunity for player-driven cooperation and conflict. Fight the remnants of Xevos and make the choice to herald in peace or chaos.

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: Currently Unknown

Key Features:

Smooth Sailing: Freely meet other pirates and discover incredible adventures across the vast sea.

Pioneer: Travel to new lands and discover all the creatures and unique environments that come with them.

No End in Sight: Never run out of things to do with procedually generated maps and challenges.

Deckhand to Legend: Start from a small island and work your way up to controlling a worldwide empire.

Captain!: Single-handedly command massive ships of war or delegate particular positions to your friends as necessary.

Imperialist: Acquire wealth and power by conquering territory, constructing ships, finding treasure, assembling forts, and hiring a reliable crew.

Glub Glub: Dive deep into the dark waters to dig up salvage and uncover maps.

Sculpt a Build: Assign yourself one of fifteen disciplines and mix'n'match over 300 active, passive, and stat-buffing skills.

Ideal Scallywag: Design your dream pirate with the extensive character creator.

Guns and Sabers: Engage in intense melee combat and utilize blocks, parries, dodges, and various weapon types to stay alive.

Criminal Control: Once you've accumulated enough resources, form a company and set taxes and rules for your claimed territories.

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  • ATLAS Reveal Trailer

    Take to the high seas and discover a grand adventure laying in wait!

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