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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Aura Kingdom is a 3D massive multiplayer online role-playing game taking place in a vibrant anime-style world packed with incredible creatures both to fight and capture. Fulfill your duty as one of the gifted Envoys of Gaia and protect your realm from all harm.

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are optional in-game purchases available.

Key Features:

Interactive Companions: Far more than simple pets, Eidolons can be evolved, utilize incredible combo attacks, and talk about past exploits.

Adaptable: A wide variety of skills are available at your command, easily changed to fit any situation.

Fluid and Fast-Paced Combat: Glide through the environment and outmaneuver enemies to survive dynamic attacks.

Adventure Time: Face down titanic bosses, delve deep into exotic dungeons, and climb massive towers for gold and glory.

New Creations: Explore your class options with eleven unique starting options and even more of a selection once you hit level forty and unlock subclassing.

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  • Aura Kingdom CB Trailer

    Aeria Games has announced the Closed Beta testing for Aura Kingdom will begin December 23rd.

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  • Devilivo

    First i die for this game

  • Welcimar Souza

    Already have a release date?

  • Mohamed Said

    Good Game

  • CatIn Paris

    Server : Siren

    Guild : Ascendancy_MY

    Guild leader/Recruiter IGN
    : WillShakespeare (MY), Ghost02 (MY), LETeRIP (US), MonoloQue (MY),
    Sorcerez (MY), Geth (PH), Layka (Viet), Aria_Kanzaki01 (US).

    Guild info :

    was established on January 23, 2014. By WillShakespeare. Ascendacy_MY
    is an International base guild so everyone is invite to join… Right
    now we have members from various countries… Everybody who want to be
    part of our family is welcome with open arms… No requirement needed
    only the desire to make friends and having fun… Our qualification
    might be not as good as the other but we will try to make the best of
    it… we also will provide guide and info to new members who just
    starting the game…TQ^^



  • lara123

    how to use mega head phone? i cant talk to them?

  • Disappointed Player

    Too many gold bots and the GMs wont do anything about them


    Cool game doe

  • Eric

    não da pra jogar online no glogle

  • Kanekyu

    download gimana sih?