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Avalon Lords is intended to bring luster back to the MMORTS genre by allowing players to secure territory and kingdoms in the name of three separate factions in a deeply story-driven world. It has rich visuals and vast landscapes, and operates on wide-scale combat.


Three Factions: Compete among three separate factions. Choose the side that best represents your interests, and enjoy unique elite units for your faction as you level up and unlock new features.

Unlimited Expansion: Players are able to expand as far as they want with their city, into one of the largest wildernesses available in the genre. Fog of war makes scouting and subterfuge a necessity for managing a large empire.

Massive World: As mentioned before, Avalon Lords has one of the largest and most richly decorated worlds in the MMORTS genre. Not only is the terrain fully 3D and pretty, but it expands vastly outward to give players plenty of breathing room between one another.

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