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Awesomenauts is a side-scrolling MOBA, featuring cartoon-style graphics and drop-in matchmaking. Available for PC, XBox LIVE Arcade, and Playstation Network, Awesomenauts breaks new ground in competitive online gaming.


Saturday Morning Returns: Strange champions designed like 80's cartoons will make you crack a smile, from powers that include holographic bulls, surfing, and time-bending.

Expanding Roster Eight original 'nauts have now expanded to 16 with regular updates, and the Starstorm expansion, adding more diversity.

Customizable Characters: Each character has custom items that change the effects of their skills, letting you tweak a character to fit your playstyle.

Cut The Wait: Play offline or online, locally or in split-screen. Join in friendly matches with full drop-in support, filling in bots and players whereever needed - no need to wait around in a lobby.

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