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    2D Fantasy

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Azusa RP Online is a 2D open-world MMORPG providing a sandbox for roleplaying opportunities. Defy Earth's destiny as an Olympian Guardian and stop Hades from destroying your home!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Races: Play as a Human, Angel, Demon, Kappa, or Lemurian.

Classes: Explore all the game's content via the Civilian, Master, and Fighter training paths.

From Dust: Create, customize, and train up your character's capabilities.

Action!: Fight in strategic real-time combat engagements.

Force of Nature: Impact the game in an appropriately positive or negative fashion.

Unburied: Experience death and make a return to the living as a player-killing Reaper.

Going for Gold: Compete against other players on a weekly basis for god-tier items.

Work for It: Take on custom-made dungeons for a chance at remarkable treasure.

Making Good: Improve skills in a variety of ways including 'AFK' and active training methods.

Wanderlust: Travel through biomes featuring unique architecture, items, and more.

Back to the Past: Manipulate time to witness historical events or change fate.

Quests for All: Experience one-of-a-kind adventures and quests with the help of the Trial System.

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    Develop your own unique legend in a sandbox-world of opportunity.

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