Battle for Gea

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  • Developer:
    Iron Belt Studios

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

Battle for Gea is a dark fantasy card game. Players are able to collect cards of various characters and effects, then use them to advance in the game's story, or to use against one another in duels, tournaments, and events.


Collectible Cards: Collect potent cards with rendered fantasy art and unique characters. Like other games of its type, Battle for Gea allows players to amass hordes of powerful digital cards and arrange multiple decks.

Dark Fantasy Story: Battle for Gea takes place in a notably dark fantasy setting, with savage monsters and brutal struggles for survival.

Tournaments and Events: The studio behind Battle for Gea regularly organizes events and tournaments between players, generally on a monthly bases. Fabulous prizes, both in-game and out, are available to the winners.

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  • Battle for Gea Trailer

    A promotional trailer for Battle for Gea, a dark fantasy trading card MMO. Features no gameplay footage.

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