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    PC, PS3, Xbox360

Battlefield 3 takes online war gaming to an entirely new level. By introducing genre shattering graphics, various vehicles, destructible environments, weapons from real modern warfare, and massive battlefields that take place in buildings, in the sky, and underground, you have the recipe for the ultimate MMOFPS.


Destructible Environments: Chip away at an enemy’s cover, or simply blow up the building he’s camping in. See how long your enemy can hide from you when your air support buries him underground.

Combat Refined Around Vehicles: From jeeps to helicopters, tanks to jets, Battlefield 3 revolutionizes the total war scenario by giving players complete control over the tools of war. There are even boats available on certain maps!

Hundreds of Real Weapons: Players not only have a selection ranging from assault rifles, to snipers, to shotguns, to carbines… well the list goes on! But each category also includes dozens of real life variants on them, each carrying the strengths of weaknesses of its realistic counterpart.

Gameplay Designed Around Co-op: Missions are built around achieving or preventing objectives that force teams to work in unison to succeed. Some players will take on the roll of armored transport drivers to carry their team to needed control points quickly. Others will provide reconnaissance from rooftops with advanced scopes and radar. Others will provide protection from air strikes with rocket propelled grenades.

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