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Battlefield 4 is a multiplayer focused FPS game by EA Games and DICE. Building from the strengths of BF3, Battlefield 4 pushes the limits of modern warfare with 64 player matches, the return of commander mode, full destructive environments and more. It offers unparalleled gameplay with it's dynamic map events, exciting vehicles, and massive match sizes. Jump into the battlefield today to see how many players you can take down and if you can stop an evil Chinese admiral from pitting Russia and the United States against one another!

Business Model: Retail Purchase

Microtransactions: Yes: DLCs as well as "shortcuts", which unlock weapons or other gameplay utilities, and loot boxes.

Key Features:

All out war: ew maps, more vehicles, weapons and destruction allow you to create your own path and play to your strengths.

Commander mode Play as the commander and give your teammates commands in an RTS-style format. Deliver critical intelligence, manage support activity and deploy powerful war assets during true squad-based team play.

Levolution: Player's actions will physically change the interactive levels in real-time, creating new challenges on the battlefield. Enjoy a dynamic battlefield where no two games will ever be the same.

Amphibious Assault: Battlefield 4 extends the front past the shoreline with the addition of intense and dramatic water-based combat.


Notice: Purchase of the Premium Edition of Battlefield 4 grants access to all DLCs at a drastically discounted price.

China Rising : New weapons and maps, new gadgets, and new vehicles, as well as a new game mode.

Naval Strike : New weapons and new sea-battle based maps.

Final Stand : Take the fight to Russia with 4 new wintry maps, new high-tech weapons, gadgets, and vehicles, and cruise the landscape on a snowmobile.

Dragon's Teeth : Urban warfare at it's finest. 4 new urban maps, a new multiplayer mode, and lots of new gear and assignments.

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