Bella Legend of Crystal

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Bella Legend of Crystal throws players into a world torn asunder by an endless war among the gods. As the spiritual reincarnation of Flaya, Goddess of War, you must take up arms to prevent the God of the Underworld from destroying all creation while gathering up the crystal remnants of fallen gods to become the ultimate world defender.


Detailed Anime Stylized Grahics: Characters react to their surroundings automatically with various facial expressions and emotions in a flowing and beautiful world inspired by Japanese animation.

Soul Crystal System: Equipping Soul Crystals determines your class archetype and players are not locked into a single class as the crystals can be exchanged if you have enough energy to do so. A series of minor crystals can also be unlocked to tweak your archetype in various ways.

Pets and Crafting: Players can expect to experience well tuned MMORPG elements like pet growth, and an in-depth crafting system that involves incorporating soul stones and growing your weapon into new fantastic forms.

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