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Big Farm is a large-scale, multiplayer farm simulator made in the image of Farmville. It intends to expand the genre of farm simulation and browser-based games by making farms larger scale and more involved. Available on your browser, or on the go with your iOS or Android mobile devices.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes

Key Features:

Colorful Art: Big Farm has intricate and charming art. From the orchards, to the livestock, to the characters, Big Farm's art has a unique touch.

Neighbor Economies: Set up trade and exchanges with your immediate neighbors to create intricate economies and greater communities.

Wide Variety of Languages: Supports a large number of European languages, and English, of course. The translation is touted as solid and thorough.

Intuitive UI: The user-interface in Big Farm offers players clear direction, and brings them relevant data about experience, gold, seeds, and other important aspects of gameplay in an unobtrusive, visually pleasing manner.

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Game Videos

  • Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Ingame Trailer

    The trailer that plays at the beginning of Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, a farming simulation game available on browsers and iOS or Android mobile devices.

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