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    Experiment 101

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Biomutant is a 3rd person ARPG under development by Experiment 101. Follow a gripping story in a quest to discover why the Tree-ofLife is dying.

Business Model: Retail Purchase

Microtransactions: Unknown

Key Features:

Evolve Your Way: Choose from a plethora of mutation options, as well as discovering influences in the world. Each mutation can change your appearance and playstyle. Some may even give you psychokinetic powers, like telekinesis!

Rich Crafting: Whether it's shotguns or short swords, craft and customize your arsenal. Add elemental effects to your attacks and even customize your Automaton companion.

Everybody was Wushu Fighting..: Your moves will be fast as lightning. It might be a little bit frightening. Learn new moves by character progression, or learn from Wushu masters.

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Game Videos

  • Biomutant Release Trailer

    It all started out with an announcement around gamescom back in 2017... After all the years of anticipation, it feels surreal that the time has finally com

  • Biomutant Gameplay Trailer

    If you were going to make a new Biomutant gameplay trailer, what would you show? Impressive cities and vast landscapes? Action-packed combat, true martial

  • Biomutant Cinematic Trailer

    Biomutant is an ARPG in development from Swedish studio Experiment  101, coming early 2019 to PC, PS4, and XBOX1.

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