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Bit Heroes is a free-to-play 2D fantasy MMORPG developed by Kongregate that can be played on iOS, Android, or at the official Kongregate website. In Bit Heroes players can explore a vast world at their fingertips inspired by 8-bit and 16-bit dungeon crawlers, fighting in the name of adventure and loot! Collect monsters, battle your way through dungeons, and earn sweet loot that will put you above all the rest!


Randomly Generated Dungeons: The world is full of randomly generated dungeons to bring exciting and new experiences every time you decide to play. Dungeons have been set to randomly mix-up their layout, providing you with new progressions and more loot to discover!

Collect Monsters: On your travels you'll fight many different creatures and familiars. During battle you may find that some of them wish to join you and you'll get the chance to bring them to your party permanently. Each familiar has a set of skills that will help you in battle whether it be attacking enemies, healing you, boosting your stats or other various things.

Loot-Centric System: Loot comes in different rarities and stat specializations that can boost your health, attacking power, or speed, but what makes your items truly special is how they can affect your skills. By equipping different kinds of weapons different skills will become available to you.

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