Black Future ’88

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    Shooter, Sci-Fi

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Black Future '88 is a 2D action shooter encouraging co-op play and features a dark cyberpunk theme. Rise to the challenge and persistently climb a tower filled with deadly traps in an effort to slay the big boss at the top.

Business Model: Buy to Play

Microtransactions: None

Key Features:

Classes: Discover you're preferred method of play from 5 unique builds.

One Floor at a Time: Adapt to the procedurally generated spire floor by floor.

Lasers, Spikes, and Pitfalls, Oh My!: Deftly avoid the numerous dangers including suffocating fog and encroaching countdown.

Killing Giants: Fight indomitable wardens with everything you've got.

Fully Armed: Use bullets, blades, and other weapons to fight homicidal foes.

Min Maxer: Take on upgrades, manage curses, and maximize the potentials of your characters.

Misery Loves Company: Bring a friend to the cursed skyscraper or absorb the challenge on your own.

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