Black Phophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict

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Set in the world of Black Prophecy, Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict is a browser based strategy game focused on commanding your own armada. After humans discover technology allowing them to travel beyond the speed of light, they discover a place called the Nexus, where universes collide. Begin your path to conquest with a simple, small ship, and rise through the ranks to own the stars with your mighty fleet!


Choose your side: and become part of the war! Fight for control of enemy-controlled or neutral regions! Defend the regions under your control against enemy attacks.

Command individually equipped battleships in tactically challenging real-time battles in space

18 different ship types (from small corvettes to gigantic carriers)

30 regions, of which 22 can be conquered

More than 350 ship modules allow for comprehensive upgrades and individualized equipping of battleships

Skill system

Take on tactical roles in a group: tank, healer, damage dealer

High-quality 3D graphics thanks to the Unity engine

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