Black Skylands

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  • Developer:
    Hungry Couch Games

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, Shooter

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Black Skylands is a 2D top-down dual-joystick shooter featuring non-stop action in the sky. In a new world, Earth has catastrophically splintered into thousands of tiny islands; and if that wasn't bad enough, a deadly swarm has been found to be lurking deep within its dark depths. Uncover the mystery and bring the fight to light!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Take a Tour: Explore dozens of unique locations themed after the likes of lush forests, snowy landscapes, urban cities, sprawling farms, decrepit deserts, and more.

Armed and Dangerous: Scavenge for weapons and ancient artifacts on your adventure through the islands to unlock devastating new special abilities.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: Level up and upgrade your trusty ship by mowing down waves of relentless foes.

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Game Videos

  • Black Skylands Release Date Trailer

    Black Skylands is coming to PC on July 9! The top-down open-world sandbox will enter Early Access on Steam, and Epic Games Store. Fight on land

  • Black Skylands Teaser Trailer

    A mysterious entity resides within the dark depths of the Black Skylands and its up to you to stop them. Grab a gun and get to shooting your way to the cen

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