Blade Hunter

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    2.5D/2D Fantasy

Blade Hunter is a free-to-play, browser-based brawler. Choose to play as a Valkyrie, Knight, or Rogue, and string together a flurry of attacks against an entire bestiary of myth and legend. Go alone, recruit NPC sidekicks, or call in your friends and unleash hell.


Three Classes: Pick from the unique talents of the Rogue, Valkyrie, or Knight in your quest for glory.

Recruit Allies: Gain NPC allies to join you in battle, or join with other players in quick parties or long-lasting guilds.

Item Enhancement: Do more than collect your loot with systems including item synthesis, gem socketing, and enchantment.

Complete Keyboard Control: Take complete control of your charcters from the keyboard, whether you use the default keys or remap them to unleash your full potential.

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  • Blade Hunter Official Trailer

    The Official Trailer for Blade Hunter -- the browser MMORPG with classic beat 'em up action!

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