Blade Waltz

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Blade Waltz is a free to play mobile action RPG developed by Netmarble for both iOS and Android. In Blade Waltz players can fight against the Lupinus to bring peace back to the land of Elysium. Players can play as one of three different characters with different playstyles: Starfell, Ellie, or Gordon. Blade Waltz will feature a Scenario mode that can be played through, as well as PvP Battles, Boss Raids, and more all centered around exciting, action-oriented combat.


Scenario Mode: Play through a scenario mode as one of three exciting characters as you fight to bring peace back to Elysium.

Varying Character Playstyles: Guns, traps, swords, and more can be used by three different characters to slay your enemies.

Tag Team Battle: Swap between three characters with ease to accommodate different battle situations.

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