Blast Brawl 2

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    Mind's Eye Games

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Blast Brawl 2 is a fast-paced action game created by Mind's Eye Games. As a game where you can die in a single hit, Blast Brawl 2 features a dynamic combat system where players can run, jump, attack, dodge and defend themselves at any given moment, creating a game that rewards timing, quick reflexes and creativity.


Crazy characters: Choose between two brawlers, a ninja, a sniper, a pirate, a vanguard shielder or a viking.

Crazy Gameplay: Battle against swarms of enemies, dodge sinister traps, find hidden secrets and take down outrageously awesome bosses.

Crazy co-op & competition: Play with or against up to 8 players or more.

Crazy music: Rock out to 80's inspired tunes from over 40 different indie artists

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