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    Tarhead Studio

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Blast Out (formerly RUiN) is an arcadey top-down online multiplayer arena brawler. Mix and match from a collection of abilities, customize your warrior, and face off against opponents on a deadly battleground, available for Windows.


Build-a-Tribe Workshop: The available races are: Bears, which sport beards and drink fine ales; peace loving Kung-fu Apes; and adorable Red Pandas.

Skill Master: Equip abilities from several distinct classes including from the offensive, control, and positioning trees. Careful usage will dictate the flow of battle.

EARTHQUAKE: Arenas will dynamically change over time, try not to fall off!

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Game Videos

  • Blast Out Early Access Launch Trailer

    Blast Out, a top-down arena brawler, is now available on Steam's Early Access.

  • RUiN Kickstarter Trailer

    Fight to the death in the arena with a variety of customizable characters and abilities in RUiN!

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