Bleeding Edge

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  • Developer:
    Ninja Theory

  • Genres:
    Fighting, Sci-Fi, Shooter

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Bleeding Edge is a fast paced, third-person, 4v4 team brawler coming soon to XBox One and Windows 10.

Business Model: Unknown

Microtransactions: Unknown (probably)

Key Features:

Classes: Cheese between melee and ranged variants of heavy (tank), assassin (damage/DPS), and support (buffs/heals).

Characters: Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. Currently available are: Buttercup, Daemon, El-Bastardo, Gizmo, Kulev, Maeve, Makutu, Miko, Nidhoggr, and ZeroCool.

Unique Loadouts: Choose from a variety of cybernetic modifications to enhance your fighters and create a loadout that fits your play style, all earnable through gameplay.

Head's Up: Your opponents aren't the only things that can kill you in the Bleeding Edge arena: watch out for a variety of deadly terrains and arena hazards.

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  • Bleeding Edge – E3 2019 Announce Trailer

    Take team combat to the Bleeding Edge, by Ninja Theory. A 4x4 competitive multiplayer arena fighting game, due to release February 11 2020. Join the tec

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