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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Purchased from Aeria games by Neowiz studios, Bless Online is an MMORPG.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes - Cosmetics such as costumes, and convenience items such as XP and gathering rate boosters.

Key Features:

Races: The currently available races are:

Hieron: Habichts, Sylvan Elf, Lupus

Union: Amistad, Aqua Elf, Pantera

Neutral/Either: Mascu

Additional races may be introduced early 2019.

Classes: Berserker, Guardian, Ranger, Mage, Paladin, Assassin are currently implemented. Plans for 2 more classes, Mystic and Warlock, have been announced.

Crafting: From Alchemy to Weaponsmithing, Bless Online offers a wide variety of useful craft skills.

Taming: Over 660 unique tamable species can be turned into useful allies.

RVR: Choose a side in an epic war between the Hieron and Union factions in up to 100v100 battles.

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  • Flash

    The game looks AMAZING! That and Ein by Neowiz. I’ve been waiting for a game like this and looks like I’m bout to get my wish! :)/ 2014 couldn’t be closer!!

  • DeLaRen

    couldn’t agree more with u Flash. Meet you in Bless Online !!

  • ghostvalkyrie

    When’s this coming out??

  • xicovichi

    how download bless ?

    • Pinda Bro

      it isn’t out yet…

      • 12313wd

        when does this game coming out??

        • 1234

          When u learn english

          • repgod

            u have point!

          • Bev

            When do* you* learn English? 🙂

          • Fugget

            Doubt it was a question, thus “When you learn English” was correct. Burn.

        • meowfucksyou


          • tommo

            When ‘did you’ learn English?

  • VeteranGaming

    I have no idea.

  • Phantom

    really need play this soon…

  • marc

    how can i download this awesome game?

  • begad

    i want to download bless but how

    • 正宗

      its not even out moron.

      • Dlem

        Well aren’t you a clever little twat?

  • ConcernedCitizen

    How do you download!! >:O Its making me angry!

    • FuckCouCruntFace

      Finger your ass and click on on your penis

  • Aj Pennywell

    Will it ever come to PS3

    • Fan of Bless

      You mean PS4.

    • Lloyd Stiles

      games like this can’t run on ps3………….. grow up and get a bigboy toy, it is called a PC

  • wesley

    help my not dowllond

    • Lamia

      its didnt released yet….nobody can download…

  • winki xoxo<3

    when is it coming out?

  • Asuna

    When is this coming out?

  • artronix

    OMG when is this game coming out like seriously it was supposed to come out on december 30th

  • Lamia

    when its gonna release? free version? english? whenn!!!!

  • silent

    well good news is that it wont take much longer. there was an article released recently saying this “Have you been keeping a close eye on Bless? Well the good news, if you’re in Korea is that Bless is heading to beta early next year. The hope is that the beta will run from January to March with the game launching by the end of the year” which means beta is coming out on new year and soon after it is finished and all final fixes are done it’ll be released, will take a little longer in English since the Korean version will be out first.

  • Wakoko

    is it already out?

  • Doolittle

    when it release in malaysia?? can player in malysia play it??

  • Bless

    Many people are asking us when Bless will be released in their country. There is only a Korean and a Taiwanese Publisher so far and we don’t have any information about publishers for other countrys. The Korean Beta will start in Q1 2014, that’s all. Thanks

  • jhoh

    USA/Worldwide release date: April 2014 probably!

  • Mike Rineart

    u want bless account i accept bitcoin

  • Robin

    When’s this coming to europe?

  • shadowberserker

    watching the bless trailer I have to say it look awesome I can’t wait to it come out so I can play it .

  • mostafa AL azoie

    guys awseom can u tell us how we inter to this lovly game its bomb thanks for how make it very thanks guys we well feed it and support it i have alot player plz us in that chat thank again

  • satlaman

    someone knew when the game sould be out?

  • blackdm

    can som1 comm if we can play it if, or the ports are block

  • ardytia

    when will this game released ?

  • Ian Carlson

    I think Nexon picked up this game.

  • Zz’alic ZaLim Zicq’ax


  • Miku9432

    okey I find this to be the most annoying thing ever. Korea makes great games and I get that but the fact that they do not market properly shows that they are not interested in another country playing the game. Korea only markets from with in from what I know. Also if a Korean game is released in NA or EU it is done so in a way that any other company looking to have a partnership with the company will pay a lot of money to have the game released in another country. (source for this information is the conflict between area game and nexon and the game shaiya.) ( I would also know this because I know the owners of the game. They just dont know I know them, I have my sources) This also means one other thing that make me feel annoyed. LACK OF CONTENT. If this game is released in EU or NA we will all be behind on game content or possibly cut out of some content. It is probably not going to be where the owners of this game release it them selves to NA or EU. So if you can get in the korean release great.

  • Daizuke

    2014! RELEASED ???? ^^

  • dcx

    amazing game. i wonder when it will be come to europa

  • Abaddon

    *sigh* Just another typical targeted MMO. How disappointing. Graphics alone do not make a good game.

  • krapmyself

    Another korean grind fest with the same looking toons since Lineage. whoopie.

  • random

    its is already out ?

  • qfs

    it is out!


      your mom is out

  • qfs

    if you click on ‘play now’ in the picture, you go to the official site, and on the right you can download the game

  • bandy

    does it come in english :/

  • Roroan

    it have already been released but only in south Korea i think

  • R41ZeK

    Nothing about EU release ?

  • all

    quien me enseña a jugar

  • dannger

    it’s this game F2P In Eu or just in Korea and if it its posible make one website english or what Ever because in the downloading website its just korea and i dont know where do i klick for the download

    • Tezcatlipoca

      you can’t. I tried to download it, but a pop-up in korean doesn’t let’s me do nothing T_T

  • wilian

    so queri saber quando vai dar pr fazer o dowloads

  • DarkSoul

    When will Eu version be released?

  • sdffasda

    koyun şuraya downladı indirek çinceyle ne uğraştırıyonuz vallaha ya

  • shavi

    the main target for this game is China and SK. If you want to play it so hard learn korean or chinese, lol.