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Bloodlines of Prima is a buy-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Amazastrophic and is available on Steam Early Access for PC where players can discover the secrets of Prima and come to realize the truth behind the events at hand. Gather materials, explore foreign lands, adventure through dungeons, eliminate overlords and more! Will your Bloodline lead to you becoming a hero of Prima or will you take a slightly more sinister turn?


Bloodline Management: Actions you take will help build you Bloodline and unlock points for you to spend on it. Your Bloodline is the one thing that persists through death, so make sure to keep spending your points!

Allegiance: Stay aligned with the main faction in the game for perks like being able to use the bank and spawning in the city with starter items. Go against the city to steal other players' power and you might find yourself spawning outside of the city in a random location with no starter items.

Transmutation: Transmute items to manage your equipment and its stats so you don't have to rely on just getting the right drops.

Dungeons: Take on instanced dungeons of varying difficulty with other players. The quality of drops is influenced by the difficulty of the dungeon you challenge.

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