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    Sudden Event Studios, LLC

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Bombfest lets everyone live out their dream of throwing explosives at their friends with no consequence! Play across multiple different stages in this couch competitive title, from an outside deck, to a bedroom, and even inside an office. Unlock a variety of explosive types, character models and accessories, and even different game modifiers. Play alone against bots, or get the true experience with three of your friends to blow the night away!

Business Model: Buy to Play/Retail

Microtransactions: None; everything is earned by playing the game

Key Features:

Races: 22 different wooden characters to unlock, including the baker, courier, minstrel, tailor, wizard, and apothecary. This choice is cosmetic.

Classes: Instead of classes, the game features a variety of bombs. You start off with a basic explosive, and can unlock additional bombs such as ice bombs, mines, and rockets.

Plenty to Unlock: 14 different stages, 29 accessories (packed with pop-culture references), 13 total bombs, 22 characters, and 8 game modifiers.

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  • Bombfest Announcement Trailer

    Trailer originally posted on January 10, 2019. BOMBFEST is an award winning, physics-based party game for you and up to three friends! Battle on folding

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