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Brave Diggers is a free-to-play 2D mobile RPG mining adventure developed by Reality Squared Games for iOS and Android. Travel across the land and recruit a slew of entertaining characters to help you on your journey. Don't think your quest is all hard work though! Your'e bound to have a chuckle or two when you see some of the pop-culture diggers that you might recognize. By mining, fighting, and crafting successfully you'll be able to acquire the glory and riches you've always desired.


Entertaining Characters: You can compose your team of 25 diggers from over 200 entertaining characters full of pop-culture references.

Passive Progression: When you aren't able to play Brave Diggers, your diggers will be hard at work earning you valuable resources, gold, and EXP for you to collect when you return.

Weapon Crafting: Craft weapons from the resources you collect, pushing your diggers' power to new heights and granting them new skills to use in battle.

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    Brave Diggers has been announced by R2 Games, an upcoming mobile game with a wide array of mini-game action.

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