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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play

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Brave Frontier is a free-to-play Japanese mobile RPG developed by A-Lim for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. In Brave Frontier the land of Grand Gaia is a world ravaged by a war between humans and the Gods that took place many years ago. Four fallen gods had betrayed their fellow gods, engulfing the land in havoc as they sought to conquer every bit of it they could. Through this chaos The Imperial Army of Randall are trying their best to handle the chaos the fallen gods have brought about, but they have not yet been able to push them back.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes - Players may purchase packs of additional cards as well as refill energy used for completing quests.

Key Features:

Vast Selection: Players may summon over 400 legendary heroes and ancient beasts, and assemble them into powerful squads, mastering the elemental strengths of Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light, and Dark. Different elemental types and attacks interact with one another in combat for varying effects.

Expansive Missions: Players can team up with friends and develop their tactics to take on more than 100 missions throughout the land of Grand Gaia. Missions can be solo, but the most rewarding content in the game involves group play.

Resource Farming: Players may upgrade resource fields in their own town and harvest materials from them to synthesize potions or craft powerful equipment. This allows players to advance even when offline, or further customize their playstyle through non-combat content.

Beautiful Art: Players can collect loads of beautifully pixel-crafted heroes, each with their own battle style and unique Brave Burst attack. The art for each character becomes more and more intricate as they evolve and upgrade.

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