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    Angry Mob Games

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    Fantasy, Fighting, MOBA

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Brawlout is a competitive 3D MOBA being developed by Angry Mob Games for Xbox One, PS4, and PC that will also be available for download on Steam on July 17, 2017. Brawlout intends to deliver gameplay similar to that of Super Smash Brothers where skill determines the victor of each battle. By mixing a uniquely gorgeous animation style with the precise gameplay of most intense fighting games, Brawlout will have you battling your friends and other players online for hours on end.


Rage Meter: Your rage meter will let you use different kinds of skills to take down your opponents, but be careful that you don't get yourself in a hairy situation by using all of your rage meter prior to an intense fight.

Fighting Styles: Each character has their own unique fighting style like freezing enemies, grappling them, shooting them from afar, or smacking them with a whip.

Character Growth: As you play your characters will learn new special abilities and attacks that you can create devastating combinations with.

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