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Brief Battles is an over-the-top solo or local co-op/multiplayer arena platformer where you will live and die by the underwear. Hold on tight to your favorite kind of undies and head to various hazardous stages to do battle against like minded foes. Available for Windows and the Xbox One.


Boxer Briefs, the Spork of Undergarments: Gain ridiculous powers based on what you're wearing. For example, squeeze into the Leopard Print speedo to lunge at foes with deadly claws, or crank up the heat in the Flaming Hot Pants for powerful fireball launching capabilities.

No Shame: Start by learning how to play by taking on solo challenges and quickly make your way to the hectic free-for-all and hilarious team based game modes as well as various other co-op'able activities centered around destroying or collecting underwear as fast you can.

Everywear: Shoot, stick, jump, and run across a series of wacky interactive stages including the acid spilling Crystal Cavern and the vertigo inducing Precarious Peaks.

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  • Brief Battles Kickstarter Trailer

    Grab a couple friends, strip down to your underwear, and engage in ridiculously over-the-top platforming arena shenanigans!

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