Bright Shadow EU Releases Halloween Update


When mentors and pupils fight together they exchange familiarity points, which in turn can be used to buy in-game titles and capes that can have a wide arrange of benefits.

Bright Shadow Review


Bright Shadow is a 3D MMORPG from GamepotUSA. The game mixes a familiar game system and cutesy anime graphics to create an addicting online game.

Bright Shadow Interview: The Story Finally Begins


GamepotUSA has just released the latest installation for their MMORPG Bright Shadow last feb 9. We were were given a chance to ask the people at GamepotUSA on some tidbits about the Bright Shadow's episode 1. Here's what they have to say.

  • hammad

    when can we play this game again
    its beta is closed right
    if so y

  • DragonMaster2110

    this game looks really dumb

  • PMJ

    Come post and show how much you love Bright shadow. We need to show Suba games its worth Hosting along side Lucent Heart.


    how i dowload this fucking shit?

    • Kikuri

      It’s… gone.

  • Akprincess12

    This used to be my favorite game.. then like i went to go on it and i couldn’t… i literally almost cried Q~Q i miss this game and i wanna play it so bad ::(

  • dagon19

    I LOVE THIS GAME it was my first mmo i play