Broken Realm

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Broken Realm continues the story of Crystal Saga: Origins. Using realistic graphics in a 2.5D engine, players can fight their way up in the ranks of the king's army - only to find perhaps things aren't as bright as they seem. Starving peasants, escaped enemies and awakened demons have plagued the land ever since Rycroft has taken the throne. Is the king stopping such things, or causing them?


Military Rank: As you progress, you will gain military rank, a clear way of showing how far you've gotten - and it comes with privileges, too.

Dragon's Hoard: A daily wheel spin gives you a chance at great and rare items.

Daily Events: Always something fresh to do with daily events! Keep logging in for great bonuses and rewards.

World Boss Battles: Fight against the toughest enemies with your friends for a chance at glory.

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